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Overcoming Cancer
Embracing the Path of Yoga
For Forgiveness and Peaceful Aging


Now, let me tell you who I am

I was born in Rome (Italy) at the end of November, in 1925.

At age nine I discovered the benefits of Yoga; mostly related to a mental attitude, physical flexibility, breathing exercises and meditation. I continued to practice Yoga on and off during all my life and still practice it today.
This is the main teaching of this story: by persisting for 77 years in the practice and philosophy of Yoga, I was able to overcome the many hardships along my path and to be healthy and happy at age 86. I present this to you as a scientific fact and as an example of a fulfilled human life

When I was 14 year old, World War II started and lasted until I was 19.
The horrors we went through, my mother and I, left me with a psychological trauma that is now called “post-traumatic stress disorder”.
A few years ago I wrote my first autobiographic book titled:
“Seeking Freedom and Joy in the Winding Path of Life”

(available at; Barnes&Noble)
Now, I will briefly mention the early part of my life. After the war I became a medical doctor, then I specialized in Surgery and Gynecology and attended the best universities including Toronto General in Toronto Canada. For more details, please, read my first book, available in all main bookstores and on the Web .

In the first part of : “Seeking Health and Joy” I tell you the story of how in 1965, I overcame an invasive cancer, and how I achieved a final healing and spiritual awakening in India, at the Ashram of Sri Gurudev Swami Muktananda  in Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra.

Swami Muktananda also suggested that it would be useful for my health to visit and absorb the high vibrations to be found in certain Special Power Places in the world and receive Initiations from ancient sacred traditions. He explained that I needed to forgive the horrors of the war and that the only direct method was to ask for the help of the Cosmic Powers by means of devotion and mystical initiations. I needed to truly and deeply forgive the suffering imposed on myself and on the human population by the cruelties, tortures and hatred of the war. Initiations would be the occasions to elevate my vibrations above the struggle of the manifested life. Swami Muktananda insisted that I should not consider this task as benefiting myself, but: “as a contribution to the universal harmony and peace”.
Following these advices, after moving from Venezuela to Canada with my two sons, in 1985, we took a two month vacation. In that opportunity, we visited the powerful Inca Empire in Peru, Cuzco and Machu Pichu, the Amazon River and other places of spiritual power in South and North America.
I received more teachings and shamanic initiation during a trip to Northern Canada in 2002. Also, as a member of the Ancient Mystical Order called AMORC, I received instructions on profound mystical teachings and for several years I followed the ritualistic traditions and Initiations of the Rosicrucian Order. Finally at age 83, in 2008, I obtained the ancient Egyptian blessings and Ritual Initiation in the King Chamber of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, by the auspicious participation in the Rosicrucian tradition.
All these adventures are described in this book with great details.
This was the completion of the three main goals that I had set for my life:
1. To achieve of a successful professional career to help the suffering humanity
2. To raise my children and have a happy family to learn selfless love and dedication
3. To evolve my spiritual aspect, burn my old karma by mean of forgiveness and BE free forever!
This volume is divided in two books.
In Book One: Tells the story of what happened in my life.
In Book Two: Explains the philosophy that guided my behavior.
In particular: Why did I seek Initiations? How do we evolve in our spiritual journey?

Embrace the Cosmic Powers for a Successful Aging
They are available to all Humanity
As Forgiveness and Joy!

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